Star Wars Destiny Store Championship

at Eudemonia



  • Star Wars: Destiny event
  • Constructed format

As you shuffle your deck and arrange your chance cubes, let the Force wash over you and through you. Feel it guide your hands. Let it not control your emotions, but neither seek to command it to your will. Live in harmony with the Force, and it shall guide your destiny. And if your destiny includes victory on this day and a bye at a Star Wars Destiny Regional Championship, it shall be so.

Join us for our Star Wars Destiny Store Championships. The winner will receive a bye card good at any Star Wars Destiny Regional Championship in addition to other swag.
Top 32 will receive an alternate art Force Speed and an extended art Aurebesh version of Tinkering
Top 8 will receive a deck box featuring Ahsoka Tano
Top 4 will receive a playmat featuring Tiplar and Tiplee
Top 2 will receive a plastic, spot glossed Ahsoka Tano card

Additional prizes will be awarded in store credit based on the number of players and final placement.

Tournament format is standard, and deck registration will be required. If you do not have a deck registration sheet, they will be available on site if you need one.

Entry Fee will be $12 at the door.. Save time and money by preregistering on line.

Date and Time