Netrunner: Cache Refresh

at Eudemonia



  • Android: Netrunner event
  • Casual format
  • Walk-in registration opens at 11:30 AM.

The Cache Refresh format is an alternative way to run an Android: Netrunner event. In this format, players must construct decks using traditional deckbuilding rules and the NAPD Most Wanted List, but from a more limited card pool. Players can use cards from only the following products:

• 1 Android: Netrunner Core Set

• 1 Deluxe Expansion (Each player chooses which Deluxe Expansion they wish to use. Players can choose a different expansion for their Corp and Runner Decks.)

• 1 Terminal Directive Campaign Expansion

• The current Data Cycle (For this event, this is the Red Sand Cycle)

• The second-most current Data Cycle (For this event, this is The Flashpoint Cycle)

Date and Time