Junior Repack Draft

at Eudemonia



  • Magic: The Gathering event
  • Sealed format

Take a chaotic journey across the planes as we draft Eudemonia's MTG Repacks. Each player will receive 4 repacks from which they will draft and build their decks.

MTG repacks are built from our stock of singles and can be from any era or set of Magic: the Gathering. Each repack contains 13 cards (10 Common, 2 Uncommon and 1 Rare) and each pack contains a foil replacing a card of its rarity in the pack.

Prizes awarded in store credit based on win/loss record: * $15 for 3-0 * $12.50 for 2-0-1 * $10.00 for 2-1 * $5.00 for 1-1-1

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Date and Time