Junior Pioneer

at Eudemonia



  • Magic: The Gathering event
  • Pioneer format
  • Unsanctioned event

Just for kids 14 and under!

Explore the newest way to play Magic: the Gathering, the Pioneer format!

Pioneer is the bridge between Standard and Modern, and the format to play if you want to keep having fun with your cards after they rotate out of Standard. Pioneer begins with Return to Ravnica up to the most recent set, Throne of Eldraine. Say hello again to past power cards such as Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, Liliana, the Last Hope, the Scarab God and Thing in the Ice.

As we ease into this new format, we will be allowing a limited number of proxy cards. This number of proxy cards will go down until zero, at which point the Pioneer events will be sanctioned. We will start with 20 proxiy cards allowed per deck.

Pioneer has its own banned list: the five "fetch lands" and the cards found here: https://www.toplevelpodcast.com/pioneer-ptq/

Rules for proxy cards found here: https://mtg.gamepedia.com/Proxy

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