Jr. Theros: Beyond Death Sealed League

at Eudemonia



  • Magic: The Gathering event
  • Sealed format
  • Unsanctioned event

Fight for honor! Fight for glory!

Join our Theros: Beyond Death sealed league and take destiny in your hands. Players will receive six packs of Theros: Beyond Death to build the best 40 card deck they can. Every week, players will receive another pack to add to their pool and improve their decks. Credit will be earned each week if you do well, and more credit will be awarded at the end of the League based on how well your deck performed over all three weeks of the League.

Week 1: Saturday February 1 Week 2: Saturday February 8 Week 3: Saturday February 15

The initial Sealed League entry is $30.00, and the subsequent weeks are $10.00 each. Please only use this preregistration if you are joining the League. If you are continuing in the League, pay in the store.

Date and Time