Game of Thrones Regional Championship

at Eudemonia



  • Game of Thrones LCG event
  • Constructed format

Winter is coming! Is your House prepared, or has the long summer made you soft? Even now, the icy grip from beyond the Wall makes its presence felt as far away as Slaver's Bay and the sands of Dorne. It is time to prove that your House, under your guidance, of course, bears the right to rule Westeros and stand against the chill winds blowing from the north. Play the Game of Thrones well, for if you lose, you lose it all!

  • In addition to the Regional Championship kit, additional prizes will be awarded in store credit based on final standing and number of players.
  • Deck registration will be required. Deck registration forms will be available on site if players need them.
  • Save time and money by preregistering. On site registration will be $15.00
  • Walk-in registration opens at 9:00 AM.

Date and Time