Game of Thrones Prime Championship

at Eudemonia



  • Game of Thrones LCG event
  • Constructed format

The Long Summer has come to an end. Winter has come!

The call has gone out. Banners are being raised across Westeros as the Seven Kingdoms erupt into war. The call has even been heard across the Narrow Sea, where the Queen of Dragons gathers her Dothraki Hordes and her Unsullied and sails them towards Dragonstone. For whom will you raise your banner? Will you place the Lannisters in your debt? Will you be drawn by the wealth of House Tyrell? Do you swear for House Stark and the King in the North? Will you pay the iron price of House Greyjoy, claiming what you conquer with blood and steel? Will you charge across the sands of Dorne with House Martell, hiding a striking spear behind a flashing smile? Will you stay true to your oaths to the King and House Baratheon? Will you hold to an older oath and offer your sword to the Dragon Queen, the last of the line of House Targaryen? Or will you hold sacred an older oath still, and pledge your service to the Night's Watch? No matter who you support, blood will be spilled and Westeros will be forever changed.

Join us for the Game of Thrones Prime Championship and leave your mark on the Seven Kingdoms. Space may be limited, preregistration is highly recommended. Save time and money by preregistering online. On site registration will be $15.00

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